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An Innovative Pumping Solution

Performance... Smart Turner Pumps are designed and built for the commercial pumper and large farm operations who can’t afford to break down. A 4 Vane impeller creates higher PSI, runs more stable and will pump farther. The largest, solid cast impellers trimmed to operate the pump at BEP matching optimum engine performance (engine BEP). Designed, engineered and balanced to operate at much lower engine RPM, to perform higher capacity with lower, slower engine speeds ( Lower RPM), greatly increasing efficiency and reduced fuel costs. Reduce fuel costs, reduce wear and offer a longer operating life!


Reliability... For over 100 years, Smart Turner has been designing, engineering and manufacturing pumps in North America. Smart Turner pumps are built heavier with up to 40% more steel, manufactured from the highest quality 100% Canadian steel alloys for greater durability and reliability. All Smart Turner Drag Hose pumps feature our exclusive “Endura” seal, rated for over 400 psi! “If the seal fails - the whole system goes down”

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STP 618

A new Wider design for heavy plugging applications. 618 offers big gallons, high volume gpm with 3 1/2 " solids handling. Tough enough to handle straw and weeds.

STP 623

Tried, tested and proven the STP 623 operates with extreme efficiency, capable of higher PSI at optimum engine rpm. Available with a new impeller design to reduce plugging.

STP 821

The big pump!

Designed for high gallons and to handle manure, sludge, sand, straw, shavings, hoof blocks and weeds with minimal plugging issues. Up to 3 1/2" or larger diameter solids. Engineered with 4 vanes far greater efficiency, more gallons, higher psi rating with less plugging.


Industrial Pump Durability

Smart Turner Pumps offers a HD version on all drag hose pump models. The same performance, design and engineering upgraded for greater durability in sand applications.


The entire wet end constructed with HD - hardened steel alloy. New innovations in new steel alloy technology offers greater mechanical strength and ensures significantly more uptime in corrosive and abrasive applications. Built to last Longer!


Options Available on All Pump Models

  • SAE mount or direct coupling

  • Replaceable wear rings or cutter rings

  • Adjustable discharge

All models are standard upgraded to full oil bath bearing frame with B-10 bearing life of 100,00 hours. Fitted with all metal bearing isolators and brass site glass. All models come standard with 750 hp bearing frame and 2 3/4” main shaft and are standard with the exclusive “Endura” seal. Steel lubrication tank with sight glass.

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